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Dr Harald Schäfer

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Prof. Dr Willy Hofmann
Prof. Dr Michael Eßig 

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Guaranteed Services

Our guaranteed services - compare it to the service of others!

  • Regional and trans-regional cooperation with colleagues from the sector
  • A thorough assessment of your realty, including the sighting of relevant documents (non-binding and free-of-charge for customers)
  • A detailed record of all the data of your real estate as well as a written statement about the market price with an exemplification for the evaluation method
  • Pre-selection of prospects through detailed consultation before agreeing on a viewing. No "Viewing Tourism"
  • Exceptionally personal care for the prospects on every viewing
  • In-depth conversations with suitable buyers about safe financing - individual agreements with the realtors.
  • Success-related agreement of commissions  - no expense allowance in case of an unsuccessful operation and definite contractual regulations as to who pays the commission and at which rate
  • Large and continuously updated file of interested persons (we receive many request because of our wide range of offers; the forwarded queries are not older than 6 months)


  • Converting of the object related documents to attractive and high-grade designed exposés, including color photographs and selling-optimized layout plans
  • Arrangement of documents relevant for the sale. If necessary, we provide all the non-existent documents, for example construction plans, cadastral map excerpts and division explanations
  • Design of advertising-efficient sold notes
  • Competent online marketing for the best possible presentation of your object also on the internet
  • Only one contact person responsible for the ongoing care of your object from the evaluation to the notary appointment - the realtor whom you trust 
  • Care and consultation of the contracting parties for the preparation of the notarial purchase contract and the agreement of all change requests before the notary appointment. No surprises at the notary's. Participation of your personal realtor on the appointment with the notary.
  • Care going beyond contract completion as well as an exclusive handing over service