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Market Value Report

Dr Schäfer & Partner is your reliable, competent partner for market value reports and the assessment of realties. We happily determine your realty's value on your request, no matter if for renting or for sale. A detailed analysis of the market considering the accumulation of value is part of our services made available to you. We also take care of exact valuations of realties. We are able to support and help you to the best of our knowledge because of our familiarity with the market mechanisms and the realized prices.

As experts we know of all the factors important for a realty's accumulation of value. Next to size, condition and location the current market situation and the ratio of supply and demand are essential. We guarantee a safe planning for the purchase or the sale of your object on the basis of an authentic assessment.

We offer the following services:

  • Real estate assessment of built-up and equally vacant land living or industrial estates
  • Precise area calculation for industrial- and living space
  • Objective valuations of easements or property-applied rights
  • Consultation through our experts for new buildings, reconstruction and redevelopment
  • Preparation of an expert report on realistic rental rates
  • Appropriate ascertainment of a market value report
  • A professional real value- and profit report
  • Preparation of a loan value report

Costs for the preparation of an expert report vary depending on length and outlay and on the concrete task and subject formulation. Come to us with your requests!

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