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VIP Search Service

You would like to move but you don't have the time to look for a suitable realty yourself?
You are searching for a realty already but could not yet locate a suitable object?
Or are you stressed with the market situation and do not exactly know much about profitable and interesting locations yet? Our special service offers you the following: With us you are able conclude a written, exclusive realty-search contract. As a VIP customer you are to receive our special attention and care:

•    In a detailed and personal talk we investigate your expectations, needs and wishes concerning the realty you are looking for.

•    According to your guidelines we can then start a thorough search for suitable objects. The numerous objects are then selected and sorted according to your search criteria. Special offers from colleagues are also taken into account at this stage of the search process.

•    After the relevant objects have been found we organize a professional tour of inspection on a date of your choice (Also possible on weekends!). Here all relevant objects are presented to you.

•    Additionally you receive an objective price valuation and competent counsel from our colleagues. 


In the negotiations we solely act in your interest in order to achieve the best buying price possible. Our offer of consultation continues up to the notary appointment.

We and our successfully attended realty buyers affirm: With our support you save a lot of time and patience.

Our experience shows that it only takes us a short time until we find the right object for you. Our success rate is clearly above average. You are welcome to arrange a free-of-charge consultation appointment at our office.
Give it a go - you can't lose!

The exclusive search for realties requires a lot of time and also the personal commitment of our co-workers. Please note that for this reason we can only accept search orders starting from a buying price rate of € 300.000,-.

In case a three-months search ends unsuccessfully without fault on behalf of the realtor,
or the person with an interest in a realty suddenly gives up his intentions of pur-chase, a general expense allowance of € 500,- plus must be paid to the real estate company. If, however an object is purchased which we mediated, that charge is not applicable.