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Do you know about a property sale?

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Property Sales

Professional viewing appointments, searching for interested people and finding them, publishing adverts in newspapers and magazines and negotiating conversations are the necessary steps to be taken. Time, money and patience are important here. Fortunately you can get help from skilled experts!

Our colleagues are happy to assist you with the sales! That way you get the maximum return of sales for your property. We gladly offer our advice!

We are pleased to assist you with the following services:
•    Assessment of your property
•    Valuation report (determination of land value)
•    Providing of information for our regular customers and earmarked property developers about your property for a living-development


•    Providing prospective customers
•    Assistance with outline building applications
•    Professionally set up viewing appointments
•    Arrangement of all the relevant documents and details of the property
•    Preparation of a high-quality, colored exposé
•    Adverts in daily newspapers and real estate magazines
•    Editorial reports in real estate magazines
•    Online display and presentation of your object
•    Mediation of favorable financing conditions
•    Administrative operations like for example correspondence, calls with authorities and         administrative bodies

After the sale is finished we are happy to continue being your contact partners!