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What we can do for you...

•    We prepare a professional financing concept for you taking into considera-tion your attitude towards risk and your personality. That concept is independent of combine interests and in line with market requirements.
•    We offer an overview of all possibilities of financing that are compliant with the market, for example general methods of financing (like Bausparkasse, Bank), foreign currency financing (with and without interest rate ceiling) and optimal, innovative financing solutions.
•    We check the conditions of the credit contracts beforehand, taking individual interests into account.
•    We manage the grant for a credit as well as the guarantee of the bank.
•    We support you when it comes to authoritative requests for residential housing development promotion.
•    We ensure a trouble-free business procedure.
•    We develop protection- and optimization concepts within interest-, currency- and security paper management work on solutions suitable for the customer


•    During the repayment phase we inform you about news by mail
We also like to support you in search of a suitable repayment agency to help you reach your goals. With the help of a specific computer program we find you a suitable agency. The meaning of a repayment agency deserves special attention:

•    Which quality factors concerning solvency can the institute entrusted with the money produce?
•    Which investment strategies are possible and which are binding for the institute (investment trust, insurance, etc.)?
•    Which rate is actually requested after the eduction of insurance tax, issued surcharge, management fee, costs for the risk insurance and custodian fee?
•    How high is the minimum maturity guaranteed and by what measures is it to be achieved?
•    In how far do the costs of the guarantee influence future success of assessment? What kind of influences are those?

Often those important details are dismissed as so called "trifles" but they can actually affect the success of the assessment directly.